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Source of Knowledge (SOK) is the leading educational content capture and distribution company for the IT industry, focusing on software, hardware and firmware user groups and computer security groups.

SOK is proud to present its new lineup of products that bring to you the most important elements of the educational sessions from your conference.  From products as basic as its SessionVue online audio and handouts to our fully featured SelectVue DVD® which merges video, presentation and audio;
we are sure that SOK can provide you with the best product options at an affordable price.

SOK has been the leader in Software User Groups and the IT Security field for
over 10 years and continues to push the conference recording and delivery industry to new heights.  Our VueTorial® online product brings a whole new meaning to “virtually being there” by providing online delivery of, not just the audio and the PowerPoint presentation, but also any demonstrations, embedded videos, etc. presented as well.  It also provides chapter markers and a media list for easy navigation.

Latest Products

VueTorial® Online Player

VueTorial® is the online solution you've been waiting for! Contact us for a complete list of options or to view a live demo today!